Diary of a Compost Pile


Compost Pile #2 at Moreno Farms

Began August 12, 2010

Finished August 14, 2010 

Dimensions: 3'x3' base by 2.5' tall.

Contained in 3'x3'x3' wire mesh compost bin. 


  • Browns: Straw, alfalfa hay, white ash leaves.  
  • Greens: Fleshy yard waste including turnip tops, bolted mustard greens, tomato prunings, weeds such as oxalis and lambsquarters, young grasses, etc.; some more fibrous weeds; kitchen scraps. Addition of approx. 200 mL urine 2x daily, as available.   

On day 4, August  5 the pile reached 140˚F

Pile reduced in height by approx. 9" by Aug. 17.  Subsequently, one additional layer of yard waste, followed by straw. one additional layer of kitchen waste/vegetable scraps, followed by straw. 

Pile reduced to 2' in height by Aug. 19. Steady at 140˚F.  No additional layers added. Pile re-mounded (materials at edge piled toward center) on Aug. 19.