Argentina Sin Alambres Reviews the Field Glossary

The 'Glosario de Campo' guide, written by Reed Ellis Aubin, is a small and beautiful book that attempts to help the people of the North and South to communicate better about their lands in both English and Castellano. It is aimed mainly at those interested in communicating with people working in the rural economy and vice versa...

Well designed, it contains a helpful A-Z list of agricultural, trade and people-related words, alongside more specific lists including plant names (domestic, imported, cultivated, and wild), and tools & techniques involving soil, water, construction, permaculture, and much more.

For anyone with an interest in sustainable living and social justice, this guiede (which comes in a weather- and tierra-proof plastic zip lock bag) is worth getting a hold of.

Reviewed in the March 2007 publication of Argentina Sin Alambres.

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