Jan 18 2008 - 7:00pm

Home-Scale Ecological Food Production with Dave Jacke

Cold Climate Permaculture Expert to Lecture at U of M

Dave Jacke, reknowned landscape designer and author of Edible Forest Gardens will be in the Twin Cities on Friday, January 18, with a free lecture. Here's what Paula Westmoreland of Ecological Gardens LLC has to say about it. Makes it sound like a pretty exciting agro-botanical geekfest:

"Healthy forest ecosystems are self-maintaining, self-fertilizing, andself-renewing. Wouldn’t you like to grow a food-producing ecosystemlike that in your back yard? Well, you can! Edible forest gardening isthe design of gardens that mimic the structure and function of naturalforests, but grow food, fuel, fiber, fodder, fertilizers,“farmaceuticals,” and fun. What vision lies behind this idea? How welldoes it work? Let’s explore the concept, with inspiring and practicalideas, images, and examples, as well as discussing the multiple uses ofsome key forest garden plants.

At the St. Paul Student Center, Student Theatre, U of MN

Check out more on Dave Jacke at his website: