English-Spanish Reference Dictionaries and More

While the Field Glossary provides a tool for English-Spanish communications in the field, the internet is another powerful tool. Listed here are a few links:

  • Materials from Lexicool.com include a listing of multilingual online dictionaries of Forestry, Beekeeping, Fish and fishing, Trees, and more.
  • World Crops features an English-Spanish-Latin online dictionary of agricultural crops, similar to the plants section of the Field Glossary.
  • The World Dictionary of Trees by Miroslav M. Grandtner of Laval University in Quebec is searchable by English, French, Spanish, Latin Binomial or Family.
  • The National Agricultural Laboratory has an online dictionary focussing on modern industrial agriculture. Listings are Spanish-Spanish and English-English, and are not linked bilingually.
  • The English-Spanish Dictionary of Agriculture and HR Management is an agribusiness manual for communicating hierarchically between English-speaking management and Spanish-speaking labor. Some valuable resources for becoming bilingual in this field are provided.

If you have resources available which you would like added to this list, please contact us.