Permaculture Design Course at Mark & Jen Shepard’s New Forest Farm in Viola, Wisconsin.

Reed Aubin of Understory was a guest lecturer at the course. He spoke on biofuels, farm-scale energy, as well as Latin American Permaculture perspectives.

The course, taught by Mark with Wayne Weisman of Dayempur Farm in So. Illinois, packed the Permaculture Design Course curriculum into 7 14-hour days. As of Day 1, students had setting pace in true yeoman fashion with 5:30 A.M. starts.

Pacific Northwest Permaculture

Pacific Northwest Permaculture Resources

Bullock's Farm and Permaculture Portal - The rural option

Seattle Tilth - The urbane approach

Upper Midwest/Cold Climate

Upper Midwest Permaculture - Local Resources

Permaculture Collaborative is the Twin Cities' Permaculture organization, and are in the process of launching the Permaculture Research - Cold Climate

Design Notes

Resources to answer some specific questions 

The MULCH Community Garden community of Macalester College came out en force for the Permaculture Workshop at their new site on Sunday, April 29. A few questions emerged from the sharp participants about:


Books and Print Material about Permaculture

Read about permaculture without staring at a screen, perhaps even while enjoying bucolic surroundings:

Introduction to Permaculture by Bill Mollison

Permaculture Designer's Manual by Bill Mollison

Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability by David Holmgren

Gaia's Garden by Toby Hemenway

Permaculture on the Web

Some resources which will be useful in your study of permaculture design:

Philosophical and Theoretical Background

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