Volunteers Needed - Build Your Network While Helping Build Ours

Are you interested in working in the Spanish-speaking world with sustainable agriculture projects?

Understory is building a database of organizations and projects working with sustainable agriculture in Latin America and among Spanish-speaking populations in the United States.

This is the ideal project for a person preparing to travel, wwoof, or otherwise work in sustainable development in Latin America. It would also be a great opportunity for someone with experience in these areas to deepen their knowledge of the different projects out there.

Timeline: December 2008 - the sooner the better.

Location: Work from the comfort of your own internet connection!

Minimum commitment required: 8 hours research

Ideal commitment: 20+ hours research

Compensation: 3 copies of the Field Glossary and a few small gifts.
Required Skills:
  • google like a maniac
  • other internet research skills
  • ability to read basic spanish - recommended
  • basic understanding or interest in ecological agriculture
If interested, please contact us.