The Biodiesel Puppet Show

Puppets illustrate the process and agricultural production of biodiesel, with song, dance, slapstick humor, and witty dialogue.

The latest invention of Crazy German Scientist Rudolf Diesel - a new engine that can run on vegetables – is stolen by the Oily Meanies, who use it to make the biggest mess in history.

100 years later, at the 2007 Minnesota State Fair, all the vegetables line up to show off who can make the veggie-engine run the longest: The corn, the soybean, and Hazel the hazelnut. But have they been cheating by drinking a magic poison that makes them stronger? Cheer on your favorite at the Great Oilseed Contest!

Shows available for:

  • Young Children (grades K-6)
  • High School and Middle School
  • Individuals who are too old for school

Performances in English or Spanish

Please send us an email or call 360.774.6237 for more info. or to schedule a performance.

Upcoming Performances:

Contact us to schedule a show!

Past Performances of Who is the Diesel?

¡EN ESPAÑOL! Windom Spanish Immersion School

  • Minneapolis, MN. April 18, 2007. Y sí, the show is Bilingual!
  • ReNew Years' Eve Benefit Gala:
    • Dec. 31, 2006. Minneapolis, MN.
  • Bedlam Theatre Final Romp (ACT I only)
    • Dec. 12, 2006. Minneapolis, MN