Reed Aubin Interviewed

by Karen Olson, former editor of the Utne Reader, on behalf of Permaculture Research Institute Cold Climate.

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You may have heard this from Masanobu Fukuoka, the visionary Japanese farmer:

"The purpose of agriculture is not the production of food, but the perfection of human beings"

The trajectory of many martial arts and meditative traditions culminates in a settled, food-producing country life. The lifelong study of balance in physical and mental action can be seen as also a training ground for providing for one's needs in old age, sans Medicare, nursing homes, or intact family structures.

Rising Tide Conference, New Orleans

2nd Annual Rising Tide Conference, New Orleans

Sergio & Willingham

Damas y Caballeros, seguro que hace rato que no escuchan nada de este loquito. Novedades, si que hay: 

Chicken-Achiote Stew with a Volcano Elf

by Sally Pistachio

12th Annual Environmental Conference on Law, Science, and the Public Interest

Report from the Conference

Tulane University, New Orleans, LA

March 9-10, 2007

It took the Mississippi River 6,000 years to build the Louisiana coast. It took man (and natural disasters) 75 years to destroy it. Experts agree we have 10 years to act before the problem is too big to solve.

-Times-Picayune March 4, 2007

Nuevamente desde Minneapolis

Papá, este chisme nunca se acaba.
"?Che boludo, viste?

Welcome to the South: Making Landfall in New Orleans after the Storm

Arriving in New Orleans, Louisiana for the first time six months after the storm, I immediately realized that devoting a chapter of my life to the rejuvenation of such a significant city was imminent. Landing at the Louis Armstrong Airport with its vacant Subway’s and Dippin’Dots food stalls, devastation began to grapple with my emotions like desperate hurricane survivors seizing provisions at the corner market. My empathy was all-consuming, which initially baffled me.

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