Seven Seven Seven, Featuring 7 Minutes of The Pollen Road

May 13 2012 - 7:00pm

Yes!Lets Collective presented “7:7:7" on May 13 at Bryant Lake Bowl Theater

Yes!Lets Collective presented a multi-media event to explore how we use sounds, words, and movement to convey
the stories that shape our shared experiences. They asked
unconventional storytellers to tell 7 turning points in 7 minutes from 7
diverse perspectives. The audience took a chance to craft their own story
during this interactive event with puppeteers, visual artists, musicians
and more.

Dance by Poetry In Motion
Music by Brian Laidlaw
Live Painting by Zach Koss
Short Story by Casey Peterson!/case_face
Puppet show by Reed Ellis Aubin:  The Pollen Road
Traditional Storytelling by Beverly Cottman
Improvisational Comedy by Matt Johnson